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Interesting Problem and Solution Essay Topics for Your College Essay

Problem and solution essay usually identify an issue or a dilemma in our society and provide steps to resolve it. These types of essays serve as a relief plan in a developing nation. Moreover, it has to be written in a persuasive manner by addressing some crucial social challenges.

This makes it a complicated task however, following the right directions will help you draft a good essay writing service. Moreover, this article also provides some unique problem and solution essay topics for you.

You can use them as it is or can mold them according to your preference.

  1.       Measures to take against sexual abusers
  2.       Students should get an orientation on saying ‘No’ to harassers
  3.       The problem of Violence in Schools
  4.       How can we enforce better security systems?
  5.       Students should be given lessons on self-defense
  6.   Guns possession should be banned in American schools
  7.   How to control bullying?
  8.   Schools should work with parents to improve their child’s behavior
  9.   Discourage bullying and harassment
  10.   There should be additional training for teachers before they start this profession
  11.   Parents should take a vital part in their children’s education
  12.   Creating incentives to motivate students for attending lectures regularly
  13.   Educating men about the dangers of domestic violence
  14.   Empowering parents to enhance independent income owners
  15.   Initiating support programs will benefit
  16.   Entrepreneurs should provide more work from home opportunities
  17.   Parents should treat their kids equally
  18.   Gender discrimination at workplaces
  19.   Parents should avoid arguments in front of children
  20.   Using foul language when you are angry
  21.   Show respect for all the family members
  22.   More effective laws should be introduced to curb pollution
  23.   Restricting damaging human activities can improve ecosystem settings
  24.   Raise awareness about global warming
  25.   Generate more subsidies for forest reserves
  26.   People should be educated on the significance of write essay for me
  27.   Setting up initiatives to promote replanting
  28.   Limiting human access to wild parks
  29.   Laws should be passed to protect endangered species from being hunted
  30.   Build more water dams
  31.   Laws for environmental protection
  32.   Find methods to purify water
  33.   Proper disposition of industrial waste
  34.   Major sources of drinking water should be protected
  35.   Domestic areas should be faraway from industrial sites
  36.   Obesity as a Problem
  37.   A regular check-up can control High Blood Pressure
  38.   Suitable ways to reduce stress and anxiety
  39.   Do not skip meals
  40.   Cutting down on fizzy drinks
  41.   Raise awareness for mental issues
  42.   Cheating on Your Partner
  43.   Seek counseling help to learn forgiveness
  44.   Engage in trust-building abilities
  45.   Stronger safety standards for dating websites
  46.   Punishments for criminals
  47.   Tightening screening procedures to curb corruption
  48.   Youths should be encouraged to take leadership training

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