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    I would be happy to send you our process and documentation. It's very thorough and addresses the recency, position nexus, and rehabilitation standards.  Shoot me an email at tina.pruett@hrd.cccounty.us and I will send you a copy. It's still marked draft, ...

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    Sick Leave incentive

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    Does anyone use a "sick leave" incentive for employees whereby if no sick leave is used in a quarter, a dollar amount  equivalent to 8 hours of pay (their monthly sick leave accrual) would be deposited into their 457 account? Our concern is that this ...

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    RE: I-9 Audits

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    Thank you DeLois. That helps a lot. Did you have to pay special attention to any blank fields on the form, "N/A",  "SS Card" vs "Social Security Card", etc? ------------------------------ David Kitchen HR Manager Lehi City dkitchen@lehi-ut.gov ----- ...

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